Vegan Restaurant Review: Clementine Bakery Brooklyn


Living in Brooklyn, I have several vegan restaurants that I frequent. I love the fact that I can go to dinner and get a giant kale salad or vegan ice cream. I want to share with you my favorite vegan bakery that is actually located in Bed Stuy.

Clementine Bakery is a vegan eatery frequented by vegan foodies, hipsters, and lots of vegan toddlers. Clementine’s specialties are baked goods: cakes, pies, cupcakes, scones, and muffins.

Each time I arrive here, the people behind the counter are warm and friendly. They always have a smile and don’t get annoyed when people ask a million questions about each of the various vegan goodies.

This small restaurant has an atmosphere that is relaxed and casual. It is very Brooklyn, with random pictures, a horse, and dolls on the brick walls. The wallpaper looks like it is from the 1970′s. They best way to describe the inside is – a combination of grandma’s attic (the wallpaper and random knickknacks) and grandma’s kitchen (the amazing smells and baked goods).

Each baked goodie I have tried here (and trust me I have tried a lot) has been delicious. It can sometimes be challenging to get the right consistency with vegan baked goods, but Clementine’s baked goods resemble non-vegan baked goods in consistency and flavor.

There are always a variety of sweet and unique cupcakes to choose from.

There are always a variety of sweet and unique cupcakes to choose from.

My personal favorite baked goods are their scones! As someone who has tried and failed repeatedly with vegan scones, I am very impressed with both the taste and consistency. They have both sweet and savory scones. Recently, I tried a mushroom artichoke scone that was filled with fresh herbs. The herb flavors were strong and it was a little salty. It was also dry and a little crumbly, as any good scone should be. At $3 to $5 for a vegan baked good, this place is a competitive vegan bargain!

Although baked goods are their specialty, Clementine recently added sandwiches to their menu on their homemade bread. These are also incredibly tasty and, at $8, a great addition to their menu. I have tried the Tempeh Ruben several times and am never disappointed. They add apple to this sandwich, which is a nice sweet contrast to the vinegar in the sauerkraut. It is on whole-wheat sourdough and complete with vegan thousand island dressing. My one concern is that they add a very thick slice of vegan cheese, which makes the sandwich a little too heavy. I am sure if you asked for less they would be willing to take your request.

Great curry flavor and hearty!

Great curry flavor and hearty!

Clementine also added vegan ice cream and milkshakes to their menu! The key lime pie flavor is the best. It is sweet and sour with some crumbly topping…..yum!

The best!

The best!

I highly recommend this place to vegans and non-vegans alike. The food and service are consistently good and it is a great place to unwind!

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