The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

vegan chocolate chip coconut cookies

There are so many vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes out there and I have tried many of them, this one is by far my favorite! I added coconut oil instead of regular oil, what an improvement!

The coconut oil adds a unique depth of flavor without being overwhelming, I tried another recipe a few weeks early that had too much coconut oil and it was overpowering. This chocolate chip coconut cookie recipe has the perfect proportion of ingredients. 

The recipe is adapted from an awesome blog I just found, The Lil Foxes. She has some wonderful, fun vegan recipes! 

The consistency of the cookies is crumbly, and they go great with a cup of tea! The chocolate and coconut combination makes for an addictive match.  

vegan chocolate chip cookies with coconut

I was so sad when we finished them (in only 2 days). I will have to make some more soon!

The batter is a little crumbly at first. Don’t be afraid to take of your rings and get your hands dirty! I find that mixing these cookies with your hands is the most successful way to blend everything together. Then you will have to create balls of the dough in your hands. Pack them hard! You can flatten them out afterwards if you like that look better. 

Crumbly cookie dough!

Crumbly cookie dough!

Note: If you find that the dough is too crumbly to make into balls, it is probably because too much of the coconut oil evaporated. Just add a little more soy milk and try again.

Let me know how you like them! 


What are your favorite vegan cookies? If you have a recipe, leave it for me to try! 

8 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Bonnie Eng

    The last crumbly cookie dough picture is my favorite! And since there are no eggs, I guess you really could just eat it just like that, huh!? =) yumyumyum!

  2. Mic

    This recipe is amazing. I only used one tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter and then shredded coconut to the coconut oil, the shredded coconut gets nicely toasted in the oil and then added to the mix. Their amazing! Thanks 🙂

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