About Me and My Blog

Welcome to the Bed Stuy Foodie! I’m Megan. I started this blog after reading The Happiness Project and being inspired to do something creative. I really love cooking, taking pictures of food, and of course, eating!

I am what I call “a weekday vegan”. I try to eat vegan during the week. I have been strictly vegan before, but it leaves me feeling restricted and I miss good cheese! After spending a few weeks in France, I really learned to enjoy good, fatty, and tasty foods in moderation.  I really enjoy this lifestyle because I feel good about eating healthy most of the time and so I don’t feel so guilty about splurging on some non-vegan food on the weekends. I am able to enjoy some of the great restaurants in Brooklyn, or eat dinner at a friend’s house without having to avoid most of the food.

My recipes are mostly vegan. I find vegan cooking incredibly fun and creative. I love thinking of how to make other dishes vegan. Living in Brooklyn, I am exposed to so much amazing food and so I will often see an amazing non-vegan dish and then try to make a healthier vegan version for the weekdays.


My husband Rich in the picture with me above, is first critic of all the dishes. His favorites so far are the vegan coconut muffins and the warm tomato soup!

I hope you enjoy the recipes! Please let me know through comments what you have tried or what you would like to see made vegan. Enjoy!

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